Thursday, May 3, 2012

The ALERION Revolution


ALERION and the men who built her

In 1912 Nat Herreshoff at age 63 carved a half- model of a daysailer with a new form that inspires to this day. Museum Curator, John Palmieri, develops the history of the design from Nat’s own records. Bringing ALERION forward, marine historian and WoodenBoat Technical Editor, Maynard Bray, describes her rebirth in 1969 at Mystic Seaport to become the jewel of the revitalized small boat exhibit. Inspired by Maynard’s work, well-known boat builders, designers and owners describe their work in the US and France to bring new ALERIONs, including modern derivatives of the original, to grace the waters with their beauty and winning performance.


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