Thursday, May 3, 2012

bikerMetric Universal Footpegs


My friend Trent from bikerMetric design these new universal footpegs for us. They are great and thanks god Universal ...

" After killing numerous corporate men, consuming copious amounts of beer, yelling at people who did not do as i said, and weaving through promises and lies from those who wanted a piece of this pie, the bikerMetric junkie footpegs were manufactured.

first, these would not have been made without the cad work of scott smith at Smith Motor Works. Few understand my visions and fewer are capable of making them reality. He did. Check him out and trust his word and products. "

" The specs on these pegs are five inches wide and have a four-inch long, 1/8-inch wall sleeve. the sleeve is attached by a 1/2" long bolt, countersunk into the sleeve to be flush. the end of the peg, which attaches to your mounts, is 7/8" wide and fits perfectly into many bikes, including the yamaha xs650, with a 1/4" bolt. these photos are the first run, and the sleeve bolt will sink a millimeter or more farther into it on the pegs we are manufacturing for sale next week.

The inner peg is 100% t6-6160 aluminum. try to break that. the outer aluminum sleeve is made of the same. the brass is simple cold-rolled brass hit with the satin finish they both share. admittedly, i took the aluminum sleeves you see here with 400-grain sandpaper to see what it looked like. texture, motherfuckers! "

" You want to polish them? do it yourself. bikerMetric does not make shiny shit. that comes from china. that's why they squint; all the glare. Oh goodness, a politically incorrect joke.
The pegs and sleeves have a lifetime warranty. treat them right, and they will last forever.
Besides specifications, the innovative thing you may notice is that when you see a new sleeve we've designed and you want it, you don't have to buy an entire peg. sleeves will be half the price of what other manufacturers charge for entire (solid) pegs. that's called "affordability" and it is what bikerMetric stands on rooftops yelling about.
We'll be creating grips and risers in this design before we move on to other, more intricate designs." - Trent



Anonymous said...

Politically incorrect???NAHHHHHH
Truth that hurts, but truth, and as they say in my country (Greece):
"whatever shines is no gold always"

Regards, GeoKan.

PinkHelmet said...

I sure don't like shiny shit. Is true what they say: Chrome won't get you home!.