Monday, February 2, 2015

1977 Kawasaki Z650 B1 "Heritage" by RBC


1977 Kawasaki Z650 B1  "Heritage" by RBC. Standard frame, rear loop, standard swingarm, standard front fork, fork gaiters. Spoke wheels, 19" front, 18" rear. Completely renewed gas tank, inner protected, semi gloss painted. Standard brakes, front steelbraded hoses. RBC modified Koni rearshocks, chrome fenders. Engine - standard, 652 ccm, head and valve job, new gasket and seal set, new clutch. Mikuni carburettors, bigger main and idle jets, new gaskets and rubber parts, open filters. One off exhaust. RBC leather seat, diamond stich. Biltwell grips, bar end mirror, RBC headlight grille. RBC batterycase, new ignition lock. Heidenau tires - rear 120x18, front 100x19. Inquiries to

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