Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hammer Kraftrad R80/7


Last year Patrik emailed Michael from Hammer Kraftrad. He said he would be interested in a bike and after few mails he decided to make the way from his homecountry Sweden to Germany. He came down from Sweden during last october with a clear image in his head what his bike should look like and a selection of his favourite Swedish beer. Also he already knew the right name for his motorcycle: Conrad, which is - as he explained- a wordcombination in italian an german. Michael and Patrik had a really long talk about his bike. It should become a gentleman's bike somehow just a little more dirty. During the process of building a lot of what was originally planned changed. For example the tank. First Patrik had the tank of an R80/7 in his mind but in the end they took the tank of an R75/6 It later became silk black with shiny pads out of aluminum and a leather strap on its back. The leather of the strap is the same as the one wrapped around the grips and used for the seat. Swedish leather that Patrik chose himself and did then send to Germany. It is really smooth and its colour really suits the silk black tank. The shiny parts are also a quite important part of the bike. There aren't just the tank pads but also the fenders and holder of the Tankbelt. The rather raw tires give the bike a litte more dirty look and in my opinion they suit the Swedish landscape and temperatures.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see Conrad at Mot'Art!
Frank, you are actually an important part of why this bike being build from the begining. If you remember I had some contacts with you about one of Tonup's bikes, the Pure. A friend of yours helped me to inspect the bike in Biarritz. Long story, I didn't buy started to look for another builder. And I found Michael thru Mot'Art!
So this is my way to thank you for a really great blog!
Cheers Patrik!