Saturday, May 23, 2015

BMW r80 Indira by Ton-up Garage


Pictures by Ton-up Garage crew

Indira it’s a contrast between Ton-up Garage latest BMW “Recall” and this one. The Recall was a motorcycle where they wanted to keep all the BMW identity. In this case, Indira has a completely new identity. Indira reflects pure beauty and they wanted to build a motorcycle with a new identity design but that was able to kept purity in the lines and shapes. This was an UK BMW R80 RT commuting motorcycle. It was ordered from a French client, who lives in the UK (London) and wanted to have a dark colored and with a low profile BMW motorcycle. They managed to convince him to not have a motorcycle fully painted in black. The motorcycle was supposed to be ridden in the city of London as his commuting bike, so at least some comfort was needed for this goal.

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