Monday, June 8, 2015

Ibuku Bamboo Architecture


Ibuku is a team of designers and builders who aspire to make the most of bamboo and local talented craftspeople and young minds. They believe that bamboo’s potential is underestimated. It should be used to house many more people, especially in the tropics. They work hard to draw out beauty from this abundant wild grass. The traditional Balinese craftsmen work closely with their designers to develop a balance of ancient and new ideas. It also takes significant modern engineering to create original bamboo structures that meet their highest standards. Elora Hardy leads Ibuku’s vision and sustainable design. In 2010 Elora returned to her childhood home in Bali. Together she and her team of talented Indonesian designers and architects have built over forty new bamboo structures. They include Green Village, parts of Green School and other projects, mostly on the island.

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Anderson White said...

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