Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Moto Guzzi 1993 650 NTX by Phil Aynsley


The NTX (Nuova Tipo Cross) range had its origins in the V50TS prototype shown at the Milan Show in 1981. This small-block 500cc bike eventually entered production in 1984, but in 650 & 350cc capacities, as the V65 & V35 TT. The V65 TT formed the basis for the factory's serious off-road competition machines. In 1986 most of the shortcomings of the TT were rectified with the introduction of the NTX - first in 650cc form, then in '86/'87 as a 750cc (although the TTs continued to be sold until '89). The NTX had a much larger tank (32lt vs 14lt), 42 mm Marzocchi front fork, greater travel rear suspension, integrated fairing & a taller seat height. The 2-valve motor used a new camshaft for more mid range power and was painted black. This particular 1993 bike was purchased by the Dept. of Land and Environment as a field vehicle and is in excellent original condition. 50hp at 7,000rpm. Dry weight 165kg. Top speed 165kph. Photographed in the Central West, NSW. 2015.

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