Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Proust Questionnaire # 27 : John Mellor


Our WebWorld; a lot of us are spending a couple of minutes or hours everyday checking our favourite websites or blogs but who are behind them ? Most part of the time we dont really know.
To find out what's going on behind the screen, i started a serie of portrait of the Men and Women who are making the blogosphere better, for this twentyseventh Portrait, i asked my friend John Mellor to go thru the Proust-Pivot-Lipton Questionnaire to let us know more about himself. John is one of the major shaper in California. John's introduction to surfing in the mid-1960s, is similar to that of many others. However, he has also spent much of his life making and riding a wide variety of surfboards. Here are his answers.
Here is a photo of John looking out of a cave during a wilderness hike in Santa Barbara, Ca.

1) What is your favorite word ? :   Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

2) What is your least favorite word ? :  Can't

3) What turns you on ? :  Certain smells

4) What turns you off ? :  Certain smells

5) What sound or noise do you love? :  The sound of a violin, harp or vibraphone skillfully played.  I like any of those more than just about any other musical instrument.  Have you heard of Stephane Grappelli?  Of course you have, you're French!

6) What sound or noise do you hate ? :  I don't think I want to hear the sound of car tires screeching behind me when I'm out riding my bicycle.

7) What is your favorite curse word ? :  Let's just say it rhymes with truck.

8) What profession other than your own would you like to attempt ? :  I've often dreamt of being an international mystery 5-star hotel guest.  The person who checks in and rates different service oriented goals and objectives while in stealth mode?  I'd like to rate things like poolside bar service under contract.  It sounds like a decent enough way to earn a living.
9) What profession would you not like to do ? :  Well, I've done some low level jobs in my life but after a couple of years experience as a horse ranch caretaker, I can say that I'd rather not shovel too much more horse manure during my remaining time on the planet.

10) If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates ? :  After having a couple of near death experiences (My doctor says I shouldn't be around), I wouldn't be surprised to hear God say something like, "Sooooo... thought you'd pull a fast one, eh?

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